Peter Brown

peter brown

Hi! My name is Peter Brown and I am a collector of old engines and tractors. I have been involved in the hobby for about 15 years now and I find it to be my drug of choice . Most people dont understand why I do with my old engines after I have finished restoring them and when I say watch the run they look at me funny. Oh well right?  In my collection I have a 1915 Alpha delavel ( John Lauson frostking Jr) , a early production JD type E 1924 , 1916 F/M 6hp , Massey Harris 1.5Hp cub, 1919 Briggs & Stratton FH , Lauson rsc-591 , 1948 Rockol B77 and a 1948 Case S , 1960 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 and my collection is always growing. The best part of my hobby is that the best woman in the world (Lisa,my wife) and the best little girl in the world(Grace,my daughter) enjoy this hobby with me. I bet some guys wish they could say the same.